Friday, October 19

Wake up call

Bark, woof! Bretts barking and general bouncing about obviously woke me up at around 4.30 in the morning. Telling him to calm down as there was nothing to get wound up about soon proved to be inaccurate. Someone was trying my front door handle and giving it a good shove with the obvious intention of getting in, luckily it was locked. So up I jump and stride out of the bedroom and make for the door. Dog on one hand shouting what the F is going on out here! I'm sure it would have been more threatening if I wasn't just wearing a wife-beater vest and nothing else!
Outside the front door I had a jolly conversation through the door with the worlds most inebriated man. He was insistant that he had left his stuff inside and would take no ammount of persuading that this wasn't the house he was looking for. I contemplated using Jedi mind skills, but to be honest even Obi Wan would have had a hard job. After politely, and then impolitely asking him to go I threatened to set the dog on him, probably a hollow threat considering my semi nakedness and the softest guide dog ever. In the end it resulted in a call to the police, by which point (25mins) he had staggered off. The police were helpful enough once they actually arrived, but considering that I was both behind a door, and am blind, being asked if I could describe him was a little strange!

Track of the day = Wham - Wake me up before you go, go

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