Saturday, September 8

Warming up the House.

We rocked up at Tim and Verity's place this evening for their bungalow warming shindig. I very kindly offered my services as DJ for the night, well, actually I didn't give them a choice in the matter! Armed with a set of CD mixers and a poly of fresh Skinners ale there was no stopping me. You can check out the setlist below.
Brett had a great time playing with the children there, and eyeing up the food spread out in the kitchen. As we were set up in the kitchen this was a big temptation, but he eventually settled down at my feet. However he was soon to be woken by Jo launching herself over him and head first toward the fridge freezer, alcohol and sleeping dogs don't mix. We left late and were the last to leave, but we ensured that the house was well and truely warmed.

Track of the day = Star Wars vs. Chemical Brothers - Galvanize the Empire

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